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Help preserve our past and forge our Future.

Puerto Ricans in the diaspora have had a singular impact on many communities across the United States. Understanding, appreciating, documenting and preserving this special story of the Puerto Rican migration is particularly vital; vital to understanding ourselves, and vital as part of U.S. history.

Centro is the only institution devoted primarily to telling, preserving and advancing the story of the Puerto Rican diaspora.

  • Our famed library and archives is the only repository in America that holds works dedicated solely to the Puerto Rican diaspora, including the world’s largest collection of books, personal and government papers, graphics, special collections, documents, oral histories and ephemera.
  • Our research is directed at affecting public policy here and on the home island by encouraging research on the current social conditions of Puerto Ricans and establishing a research agenda that sets priorities from a Puerto Rican-community perspective.
  • Our education programs help keep Puerto Rican studies vibrant, develop interest among the younger generations, and aim to increase the quantity and quality of Puerto Rican scholars.
  • Our cultural programs offer platforms for writers, artists, poets, other performers and Puerto Rican leaders, and help spread our history and culture to a wide audience.

Centro beats with the heart and soul of Puerto Ricans in diaspora, but there is much still to be done, and we can’t do it without your help. New research needs funding. Our famed library and archives need to digitize its content and they need to be retrievable via the Internet. Cultural programs take money to mount. The development of educational programs is expensive. And, as Puerto Ricans grow beyond the New York area, we need to expand our reach to meet their needs and to become a truly national organization.

That’s why we ask you to please help us continue to grow and tell our story for generations to come with a tax-deductible contribution today.

Please give whatever you are able. Large and small contributions both will keep our history alive and pave the way for a better future.

Thank you for your contribution.

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