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Carlos Rivera Santana

Carlos Rivera Santana is a recently hired research associate at Centro looking at Puerto Rican contemporary art from a postcolonial and critical cultural studies perspective. He holds a research doctorate from The University of Queensland, Australia, classified here as a PhD in philosophical inquiry and cultural studies. He also holds a MA in Social Psychology and a BA in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

Before being a research associate at Centro Dr. Rivera Santana was based in Australia for over seven years where he completed his PhD and was a lecturer specializing in cultural and postcolonial studies at The University of Queensland (UQ). His research interests include topics in decolonial aesthetics, critical cultural history, Caribbean and Puerto Rican studies, international Indigenous perspectives, critical race studies, critical psychology, postcolonial subjectivity, colonization histories, coloniality-decoloniality and decolonial research methodologies. His publications include book chapters, and peer-review articles in journals such as Cultural Studies and Third Text. His upcoming book “Archaeology of Colonisation: From Aesthetics to Biopolitics” will be published by Rowman & Littlefield International in the book series “Critical Perspectives in Politics, Theory and Culture” in September 2019.



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