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Hector Resto: Memorias of a Vietnam Vet

By Centro Voices Staff

As Harry Franqui’s lead article in this edition of Centro Voices discusses, Puerto Ricans have served in the United States military for more than a century. The stories of Puerto Rico’s military veterans are deeply ingrained in the collective history of Puerto Ricans in the United States. For Veterans Day, we are pleased to present this interview with Hector Resto, who was born in Connecticut, raised in Puerto Rico, and drafted into the Vietnam War. In this clip, Resto talks about his life from his youth to his time in Vietnam, through to his post-war career as a police officer. He speaks movingly about his struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and his decades-long efforts to help other veterans who suffer from it.  Hector Resto is a living tribute to the resiliency of Puerto Rican veterans, and we’re honored to share his story. For those readers who are interested, there is a longer clip of his discussion of PTSD available here.

© Center for Puerto Rican Studies. Published on 5 November 2014.