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I, too, am black

By <a href="/centrovoices/meet-the-authors/caridad-de-la-luz">By Caridad De La Luz a.k.a. LA BRUJA</a>

I, too, am black

                            inspired by the late great langston hughes


Although you may find me fair
With medium brown eyes
And naturally weird hair
Of mixed heritage too many to name
One thing was the same
We’ve all shared despair
Believe it or not, in fact
I, too, am black
I have been stabbed in the back
For being too much of this
And not enough of that
Have been compared to what exists
And been told how much i lack
You may not know it now
But it’s a fact
I, too, am black
Color lines run deep in my veins
Behind covered mouths
I’ve been called many names
Instead of hope
They taught me shame
But i chose to play another game
With ears i hear
But heart unchained
You can keep it
Or take it all back
You have eyes
But are blind
To the fact that
I, too, am black
Black like the ebony tree
The deeper you carve into me
You can easily see
The beauty, the strength
Shape me and shine me
In the finest homes you’ll find me
While strange fruit
Still hangs inside me
With all the love i can muster
My face glows with luster
It’ll take more
Than some slave trade
To make us crack
So let me break it to you
With truth and with tact
I am proud of the fact that
I, too, am black

© Caridad De La Luz a.k.a. LA BRUJA. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 11 April 2015.