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Man Brought Down

Man Brought Down 
           for Eric Garner
man brought down
we saw the footage
over and over
again and again
each time more painful
more wrong
the man wide big
looked strong as a bull
tall but gentle he was
it was there in his eyes
a gentle man
not looking for trouble
wide eyes gentle till goaded
then wild eyes
wild eyes full of fear
treated like a bull
the man was pulled pushed
dangerous bull
we saw it over and over
and over again
till we covered our eyes
but it was he the man
in the end who could‘ve brought
those crazy cowboys down
that untamed herd
the man could’ve brought
them all down
one by one by one
by one by one
in equal battle
with mad cowboys
the man in their eyes turned bull
had no chance
too many cowboys
dragging him down pulling
pushing on him hard
the man turned bull fell
to the ground they roped him tight
twisted his neck
held back “the horns”
would’ve torn them off
the man turned bull
couldn’t run wild eyes wild eyes
wild cowboys too many
held kneed him down the man
powerful like a bull
couldn’t breathe
all them holding him down
wild eyes wild eyes wild wild
the bull once a man couldn’t beg
for his life they wouldn’t
hear him wouldn’t see
wild eyes wild dying
so many eyes

© Lydia Cortes. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.