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My Mother’s Suitcase

By <a href="/centrovoices/meet-the-authors/nancy-mercado">Nancy Mercado</a>

My Mother’s Suitcase

A chalky black suitcase

Holds deeds for burial plots

Prepaid instructions

On the use of morgues

Spider webs and dust

A time bomb

The lesson waiting to explode

To scatter my childhood wildly

Over the course of a few weeks

Some scenes never to be found

Others to reappear

In future unsuitable places


My mother’s suitcase

Will decide our lives until their end

Like the Arc of the Covenant’s

Wide-open mouth

Unleashing angels and demons

Hurling the real nature of things

Splattering family truths in our faces

It will utter fact

This chalky piece of baggage

Hibernating in her bedroom closet

Will pounce into life

Forcing our exposure

Before the glaring eyes of the children

© Nancy Mercado. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.