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Writer’s Tango

Writer's Tango

Before the children awake
In between white sheets, adorned in blue they meet.
Creeping, compliant and limber.
Climbing over, under and in between opportunities with
contortionist skill.
Battling life obstacles desiring a chance to renew the vows
of their magic, mantra, sutra love.
¡Se adoran!
Pero, de esto, a veces se olvidan.
Se pierden entre el horario del dia, aveces por semanas a la vez -
Hora por hora, minuto por minuto, segundo por segundo .
Aunque hagan el intento de visitarse, uno al otro - en secreto, sin
interrupciones - se les hacen dificil encontrarse de nuevo.
Memories, thoughts, emotions evoked,
Piercing echoes, bouncing off the hands of time, ricocheting in
dart-like patterns.
Desperately desiring  intense binge/purge rendezvous sessions,
With two left feet, they dance.
In awkward patterns, they prance to music meant for their ears only
Eventually practicing modified choreography
Until shadows sing songs for all to hear.
Before the children awake,
Antes que despierten los niños,
And every moment in between,
Y cada momento entremedio,
They seek refuge in the depths of inviting sheets
Upon which to scribble sentiments of love
In unique patterns.
My pen, my thoughts, my words…

© Bernice Sosa. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 24 April 2015.