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Centro Library and Archives Digital Collections

The Centro Library and Archives is a treasured place where researchers, academics, teachers, students, genealogists, filmmakers, and the community at large find primary (historical documents) and secondary sources about the history and culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora. The Digital Collections provide access to photographs, documents, artifacts, art, maps, oral histories, moving image and audio clips, and other digitized or born digital material pertaining to stateside Puerto Ricans.

The Library and Archives reading room has also evolved into an art space where established, as well emerging artists, exhibit their most recent artworks and showcase selected documents for the enjoyment of our patrons and dissemination of our unique resources.

Visit Centro Library and Archives for hours and location.

Collection Descriptions
Descriptions of all available archival collections, including any available finding aids or inventories detailing the collection’s content.

Digital Collections
Search Centro’s repository of digitized and born-digital archival holdings, including photographs, documents, artifacts, art and oral histories.

Research Resources
Tools for conducting research in the Centro Library & Archives, as well as external resources about stateside Puerto Ricans.

Art Program
The reading room of the Centro Library and Archives serves as a gallery that showcases the art of stateside Puerto Ricans.