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Collections are arranged alphabetically and include a brief description to assist in selecting material for research. Links to tools such as finding aids, inventories, and databases are also included to assist in locating materials within the collection.


Finding aids, which are guides to the collections, are available for processed collections. The finding aids are in PDF and/ or EAD format. For collections that have not been fully processed, inventories and/ or databases are available upon request. The archives holdings can be accessed through the CUNY+, OCLC and RLIN online catalogs.


We strongly recommend for researchers to utilize finding aids in order to assist with any information you may be looking for.

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San Antonio, Ana Gloria

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1944-1944
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.50

The  collection consists of newspaper articles and clippings, newsletters, memos, press releases of Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericanos de Nueva York (CEPI), Comité del Desfile de la Hispanidad and Asociación Puertorriqueña de Escritores (APE). There are copies of El Nacionalista de Puerto RicoBoletín Oficial and writings concerning the East River North Renewal.  Also included are 4 videocassettes on the Desfile de la Hispanidad and poet Susana Cabañas.

Topics: Literature; Organizations and Leaders


San Juan & San Germán Delegations to the Nations Parade

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1940s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.10

The collection consists of 6 photographs of the Puerto Rican Delegations in the Nation's Parade.

Topics: Arts and Culture; Family and Community Life; Religion


Sánchez, Manuel Tomás

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1933-1991
Volume (cu. ft.): 1.0

Reverend Sánchez was the founding member of his church in 1933 and became the pastor of the Antioquía Church from 1934 to 1989, which had more than 200 followers. Sánchez became a licensed advocate in 1935 and a licensed preacher of the Pentecostal Church in 1939. Sánchez was one of the founders and president of the Spanish Eastern District of the Assemblies of God for 13 years, and was ordained a minister by Reverend Demetrio Bazán, superintendent of the Latin American District Assemblies of God in 1943. The collection consists primarily of photographs documenting the life and career of Sánchez and includes transcripts of an oral history interview. Available on Microfilm.

Topics: Family and Community Life; Religion


Sánchez-Korrol, Virginia/ Puerto Rican Studies Association

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1990s
Volume (cu. ft.): 1.0

Professor Emerita, Brooklyn College, founding member and president of the Puerto Rican Studies Association. This organization links scholars, educators, public policy, community activists and students in the field of Puerto Rican Studies in the United States. The collection includes correspondence, flyers and conference materials.

Topics: Education; Puerto Rican Studies


Sanromá Pasarell Sound Recording Collection

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1984
Volume (cu. ft.): 3.50

Jesús María Sanromá (1902-1984) was one of America's leading pianists who embarked on an enviable concert career. He was an accompanist, recording artist and teacher who stimulated and commissioned composers to write new music. The collection of cassettes contains public and commercial recordings and interviews.

Topics: Arts and Culture; Music


Santalíz, Pedro/ Nuevo Teatro Pobre de América

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1960s-1990s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.50

El Nuevo Teatro Pobre de América is a popular theater troupe that performs on the streets of marginalized communities in Puerto Rico and New York City. Its repertory includes domestic violence themes. Pedro Santaliz's El Castillo Interior de Medea Camuñas was staged in the Joseph Papp Latin American Festival in New York City, 1992. Santaliz was interested in expressing a radical position with respect to the subordinate and persecuted condition of women in society.

Topics: Arts and Culture; Theatre


Santiago, Isaura 

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1976-1994
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.30

Educator and former President of Hostos Community College. Collection contains information on Vieques, Hispanic voting, reports, a historical calendar of Puerto Rico and an illustrated historical album of the island.

Topics: Education


Santiago, Nellie

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1992-2002
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.40

Nellie Santiago was the first Puerto Rican from Brooklyn to be elected to the New York State Senate. She represented the 17th Senatorial District of Brooklyn which included the communities of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwich, Cypress Hills, East New York, Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The copies of the bills introduced and co-sponsored by Santiago span from 1992 to 2002.

Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Women


Santiago, Petra

Finding Aids: [PDF] - [EAD: English] - [EAD: Español]
Inclusive Dates: 1945-1994
Volume (cu. ft.): 4.06

Activist and community organizer. This collection is an important resource for research in grassroots organizing, community activism and the history of Puerto Ricans in the Lower East Side. The materials document organizations in which Santiago was active, such as the Community Corporation of the Lower East Side, United Organization of Suffolk Street, Council of Puerto Rican Organizations and the Independent Juvenile Baseball League, Inc. There is also information about the Community Area Policy Board. The photograph series is extremely valuable for the visual history of Puerto Ricans in Lower Manhattan. Types of documents included are letters, memoranda, publications and programs.

Topics: Family and Community Life; Health and Community Welfare; Organizations and Leaders; Social Reform


Santiago Febus Family

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1929-1991
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.05

Genealogy collection consisting of 16 family photographs, the majority of which are aboard the S.S. Uruguay and Marine Tiger, or abroad in Brazil with Merchant Marine Tomás Santiago (Falin), Elsa de Jesus’ brother, as well as newspaper articles and clippings about Puerto Rican Bishop Roberto O. González. Also part of this collection is an audio interview with Elsa and her sister, Nélida, discussing their experiences on the Marine Tiger.

Topics: Family and Community Life; Migration and Settlement


Santiago Iglesias Educational Society, Inc.

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1958-1960s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.50

The society was formed in 1958 by labor unions members from various industries, among them the New York City Central Labor Council, the AFL-CIO, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union #3 to address the needs and concerns of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic workers and communities in the United States. The collection consists of correspondence, a constitution and bylaws, officer lists, programs and flyers for activities and events, conference materials, financial records, meeting agendas and minutes, newspaper articles, letterheads, President José López’s files, photographs and a songbook. This collection complements other collections on the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society donated by Efraín Díaz and Edwin López.

Topics: Labor and Occupation; Organizations and Leaders


Según Lo Veo

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1955-1962
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.12

Según Lo Veo was a Spanish public service radio program transmitted by the WHOM station and later broadcasted on the WADO radio station by the Migration Division of the Puerto Rican Department of Labor. The collection consists of resource materials, drafts and final scripts of interviews with José Monserrat, a government official and community leader, who served as director for the Migration Division from 1951 to 1969, as member and president of the Board of Education of the City of New York from 1969 to 1970, and returned to the Migration Division in 1989 to help transition it into the Department of Community Affairs in the United States. In the interviews, Monserrat discusses and advises on issues affecting the Puerto Rican community.

 Topics: Family and Community Life; Health and Community Welfare; Media


Sociedad Cívica Sangermeños Ausentes, Inc.

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1960s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.20

Sociedad Cívica Sangermeños Ausentes (San Germán Hometown Club) was a social community organization of migrants from San Germán, Puerto Rico located in the Bronx. The collection consists of documents, including correspondence, as well as photographs of the society’s members, events and activities, including its participation in the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Topics: Family and Community Life; Health and Community Welfare


Soto, Jorge

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1984-1989
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.12

Puerto Rican painter born in El Barrio. As a member and coordinator of Taller Boricua, a graphic artist collective organization, he was responsible for developing and fostering a new generation of Latino painters. The collection consists El Paquete, an artistic collection of various drawings, sketches and writings on personal and political topics that was part of an exhibit on the painter.

Topics: Arts and Culture


Soto Vélez, Clemente and Amanda Vélez

Finding Aids: [PDF] - [EAD: English] - [EAD: Español]
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1996 
Volume (cu. ft.): 9.55

Groundbreaking poet, founding member of the literary movement Atalayismo and one of the most significant and revered contemporary Puerto Rican writers. This is a rich collection for examining the life and work of Clemente Soto Vélez, the cultural life and intellectual pursuits of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos in New York and for the information it contains on literary circles and contemporary writers who were influenced by Soto Vélez, such as Victor Fernández Fragoso and Martín Espada. The documents are a valuable source for research on the Atalayismo movement and the literary history of Puerto Rico, as well as Hispanic American literature in the United States. There is also information on various New York organizations, the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico and pro-independence politics. Although the materials largely reflect the life and writings of Clemente Soto Vélez, there are also documents pertaining to his wife, Amanda Vélez, and his son, Clemente Soto, Jr. The types of documents included are personal letters, poetry, manuscripts, biographies, interviews, speeches and materials about cultural and political organizations.

Topics: Arts and Culture; Literature; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform


Spanish-American War Glass Slides

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1900s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.05

Collection consists of 20 glass slides of scenes from the Spanish-American War, which resulted in Puerto Rico becoming a U.S. territory. Included are military figures such as Admiral George Dewey and General Joseph Wheeler, the battleship USS Maine wreck in Havana, the Battle of San Juan Hill, as well as President William McKinley’s visits to hospitals and medical staff such as nurse Clara Barton, the first President of the American Red Cross, and U.S. Army physician Major Walter Reed, whose experiments confirmed Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitos.

Topics: History; Organizations and Leaders



Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1898-1920s
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.05

Artificial collection grouped by provenance. Stereocards were two almost identical images mounted on a stiff cardboard backing so that when viewed through a stereoscope, a three-dimensional picture could be seen. Stereocards became popular in the mid-1880s and were made in quantity through the 1930s. The collection consists of 22 stereocards of various scenes in Puerto Rican towns, among them Yauco, Adjuntas, Aguadilla and Mayagüez, and depict living conditions and economic activities, such as sugar cane and coffee. Typical of this time period, some stereocards have racist overtones. Also included are photographs of Major-General Nelson A. Miles, who led American troops during the invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898, and Admiral William T. Sampson, who commanded the expedition that bombarded San Juan in the same year.

Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law


StoryCorps Comunity Archives: Puerto Rican and Latino Stories

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 2009-2010
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.20

StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind whose mission is to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve their life stories. The collection contains 255 audio clips, including 9 recorded in collaboration with Centro.

Topics: Arts and Culture


Stutz, Rosalie 

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1970s
Volume (cu. ft.): 2.0

Activist in the school decentralization movement and active member of EQUAL, an organization devoted to improving and integrating New York City public schools. Collection contains materials on EQUAL, school decentralization and the United Bronx Parents, Inc. Other documents of interest include statements from staff members of the Education Division of the Migration Division on school decentralization and files on the People’s Board of Education, whose members included Evelina López Antonetty, founder of the United Bronx Parents, Inc.

Topics: Education; Social Reform


Los Sures (Southside United Housing Development Fund Corporation)

Inventory Available
Inclusive Dates: 1992-1998
Volume (cu. ft.): 0.12

Los Sures undertook the daunting task of rebuilding its community, the southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Residents who started the organization were responding to an epidemic of landlord abandonment, withdrawal of city services and illegal evictions by landlords. Illegal evictions were a result of property owners trying to vacate their buildings in order to change the ethnic composition of the neighborhood. In 1975, Los Sures became the first community-based organization to enter into agreements to manage city-owned properties. Los Sures is regarded as a pioneer in both the management and development of low-income housing. The collection consists of documents, including newsletters, journals, invitations, flyers and a graphic T-shirt.

Topics: Family and Community Life; Health and Community Welfare; Organizations and Leaders


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