Puerto Rican Migrant Farmworkers: Enduring
Experiences in Continental U.S. Agriculture


by  Ismael García Colón

This photo exhibit narrates the history of Puerto Rican farm labor migration to continental U.S. farms and the role of the Farm Labor Program (FLP). It begins with the situation of Puerto Rico that led to farm labor migration and the creation of FLP in the 1940s. The photos show the different aspects of the FLP: recruitment, transportation, distribution, and overseeing of workers. Other photos also illustrate the experiences, living conditions, and work of farmworkers.

PR Farmworkers

1898: The United States invaded Puerto Rico as a result of the Spanish American War 1900...
Bibliography: Bonilla-Santiago, Gloria. 1986. A Case Study of Puerto Rican Migrant...

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Resources by the Author

Colonial Migrants at the Heart of Empire: Puerto Rican Workers on U.S. Farms

Land Reform in Puerto Rico: Modernizing the Colonial State, 1941-1969 (University Press of Florida, 2009)


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