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Elisabet Velasquez

ELISABET VELASQUEZ was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn at the height of the crack epidemic. She lived with her mom and her siblings in a low income, drug-ridden, run-down apartment building that was often raided by the police. She is the fourth born of six siblings, four of whom are diagnosed with a mental illness. As poverty, drugs and mental illness all seemed to close in around her; Elisabet started writing as a means to flee a world that otherwise had no escape. In 2009 she began performing under the stage name Ms. Sick Prose; a name she chose to describe her writing about a sick environment that she could escape from through her writing. Velasquez began performing at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café and in 2009 earned a spot on the coveted Nuyorican National Slam Team for which she helped achieve fourth place in the Nation. She is a mother of two children whom she refers to as her best poems to date. Velasquez has performed on various stages and universities around the country, including Rutgers University, Williams College, and Aldephi University. Her poem Pysch Ward will be published in an upcoming mental health issue of Muzzle Magazine.