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Diaspora Summit April 2016

April 22-23, 2016

Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans is a search conference that will provide a safe space for the discussion of policy issues and the articulation of community responses to Puerto Rico's economic crisis from the perspective of stateside Puerto Ricans and other stakeholders.

The two-day conference program is designed to balance topics related to the economic, fiscal and unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico and the impacts on stateside Puerto Ricans. 

Friday morning's discussions will be devoted to an understanding of the current situation in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is in a prolonged recession that started in 2006 and has resulted in a fiscal crisis, cut of public services and a massive migration to the United States leading to a significant decline in the island’s population.

Friday afternoon’s program will be devoted to an understanding of how the economic crisis in Puerto Rico has impacted the stateside Puerto Rican community.

The closing program on Saturday will focus on ongoing efforts to articulate a diaspora response to the crisis, an agenda for stateside organizations to move forward with coalition building, and in that context, a discussion of the role that Centro may play in the future.

Hundreds of stateside and island based Puerto Ricans came together on April 22 and 23 at Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans, a diaspora summit hosted by Hunter College’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies, at the pinnacle of the current economic and humanitarian crisis on the island.

Puerto Rico Puerto Ricans: Diaspora Summit Unites Puerto Ricans to Face Crisis As One

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