Parades and Festivals

December 03, 2016, 9:30am - 6pm
Silberman School of Social Work, Auditorium & RM 115AB
2180 Third Avenue (119th Street), NYC

Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans Parades and Festivals will bring together key members of organizations in the United States that organize Puerto Rican parades and festivals to examine and gain a broader understanding of how they promote Puerto Rican culture and heritage and how they can work together towards this goal.

Puerto Rican Parades and Festivals: An Educational Platform In The Making

Puerto Rican parades and festivals have long played an integral role in engaging our communities across the United States. They also help to establish our presence and promote our shared cultural identity. Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans: Parades and Festivals is a conference hosted by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies that will the explore the potential for using cultural programming as an educational platform.

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