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"On and Off the Avenue” Loisaida N.Y.C. 1976-2009

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 5, 6:00 pm
Centro Gallery East Bldg. 3rd Floor, Main Library Entrance

Barrio Series: Loisaida

“On and Off the Avenue” Loisaida N.Y.C. 1976–2009
An exhibition by Marlis Momber
Curators: Pedro J. Hernández and Mario H. Ramírez

Marlis Momber Bio. Born in Berlin, Germany in 1943, Marlis Momber started documenting the Lower East Side of Manhattan (Loisaida) in 1975. Her photographs chronicle the lives, struggles and culture of the mostly Puerto Rican residents of the neighborhood. Her b&w and color photographs have been used to illustrate national and international publications on political and cultural topics such as: gentrification, urban development, slum lords/arson for profit, squatting, affordable housing/homesteading, cultural identity, education, the arts, drugs and urban crime.

Visit her website: www.vivaloisaida.org