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Puerto Rican Adolescents-Latino Values and Risky Activities

Presenter: Myriam Villalobos-Solis
Thursday, February 19, 2015
12-2 pm
Centro Conference Room
14th Floor, Est Building.

Next week, Dr. Myriam Villalobos-Solis will be presenting a seminar discussing the role of Latino culture on Puerto Rican teens' lives, including their relationships with their parents and their involvement in risky behaviors. Researchers interested in, and all individuals working with Puerto Rican and other Latino youth, as well as parents can benefit from the talk.
Two studies will be discussed: one examines the links between Latino values such as “respeto” and “familismo,” and how much Puerto Rican youths share and keep secret from parents about their involvement in risky activities. The other looks at the meaning that Puerto Rican adolescents ascribe to Latino values and how this meaning influences their activities with peers.
This seminar is a valuable tool in showing the potential benefit that certain Latino values have on teens' lives; including discouraging risky behaviors and promoting improved relationships with parents. Furthermore, the talk will provide the audience with a youth perspective, as opposed to parents' or other adults' perspectives on these issues. “The audience will benefit from listening to research that provides a positive outlook on Puerto Rican youth, focusing on the strengths of their Latino culture,” said Villalobos. “The implications of the research results for parents and programs serving Latino adolescents will be discussed,” added.
Dr. Villalobos graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology fromUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras and then completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Rochester. Her research is concerned with the role of culture in the healthy development of ethnic minority youth. She is currently a visiting postdoctoral scholar at the National Center for Children and Families where she is collaborating with Dr. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn on a project that examines the relative impact of support from the family versus neighborhood on Latino youth’s externalizing and internalizing problems. She was awarded the UPR- Rio Piedras’ Psychology Medal for Academic Excellence (2004), the Dissertation Research Award by the Society for Research in Child Development (2011) and a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (2014).
We strongly encourage parents, teachers, researchers and individuals working with Latino youth to attend this free seminar.
RSVP for this event emailing centro.events@hunter.cuny.edu or call (212) 772-5714. For updated information about Centro’s events please visit our website and follow us on social media (@CentroPR; #centroevents). Centro Events are live-streamed from our website.