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Call for applications: Research Fellows

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College (CENTRO) is offering research Fellowships for Spring 2022 addressing the following themes:

  • Social impact of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora

  • Racializaiton and Blackness in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora

  • The Impact of Act 20/22/60 

  • Debt crisis and Austerity governance

  • Puerto Rico’s Energy crisis

  • Migration, Displacement, and New Diasporas

  • Narco-Economies and Narco-culture

Selected researchers will work with the Centro team to develop a research agenda around the selected topic. Researchers will be responsible for attending weekly zoom meetings with Centro’s Research team, working independently on their research topic (remote work is possible), producing a research brief and explainer video with assistance of our media team, and presenting their findings to the broad public at a Data Hub Cafecito event.


  • $25/hour - for 8-10 hours a week


  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in social and or behavioural sciences, journalism or related research-focused field. 

  • Preferred: Graduate studies and/or equivalent professional experience conducting independent research

  • Strong interest in Puerto Rican Studies and passion about confronting structural racism and inequality, commitment to learning and collaboration, respect for diverse perspectives and lived experiences, capacity to quickly master analytical methods and related software, clear writing skills and superb organizational and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to undertake research assignments with limited supervision is a plus. 

Application Materials:

  1. Statement of Interest (1-2 pages (1,000 words max) - should address: candidates qualifications, their interest in working with Centro, the topic they wish to investigate, and their experience and knowledge of that topic.)

  2. 1-page proposed work plan for the semester with proposed research question, methodology, and work calendar.

  3. CV or Resumé

TO APPLY: visit Application Link.

Application Deadline: February 28st, 2022

For questions please contact: Centro Research Director Jennifer Hinojosa <jhinojos@hunter.cuny.edu>