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Centro at El Mini Fest

This past Saturday, October 18th The Loisaida Center celebrated a family day (#elminifest) and Centro was there. Local Loisaida families, together with families from across town including El Barrio and Brooklyn, spent a marvelous day of music, dance, readings and play at their renovated facilities.

In this event the legacy of Puerto Rican librarian and story teller Pura Belpré was highlighted for the enjoyment of those present. Attendees were treated to a screening of Centro’s documentary Pura Belpré: Storyteller complemented by a showcase of a traveling exhibit consisting of a series of posters that tell the story of her life and achievements. Also, children enjoyed a reading of Belpre’s book “Pérez and Martina” by Montessori teacher Coral Nogueras Ortiz.

Julio Ortiz-Luquis outreach and partnerships coordinator at Centro was present sharing information about our mission and work. "The Mini Fest was a great opportunity to bring to the community Centro’s resources highlighting the legacy of pioneers such as Pura Belpré. Centro's traveling exhibits are an effective and innovative educational tool.” Ortiz-Luquis noted that collaborating with community organizations like The Loisaida Center is part of an outreach initiative to make Centro’s resources available to the wider public. “The ultimate goal for us is that these exhibits will spark the interest for students, young community leaders and artists to inspire them into following the footsteps of these great Puerto Rican innovators," said Ortiz-Luquis.

Other family fun events that afternoon included several art workshops for emphasizing the importance of recycling. Puerto Rican music and dance was present with an interactive bomba workshop with dancer María Eugenia Rodriguez and a performance by the indie music group for kids Acopladitos.

Pura Belpré in her own words is one of the many traveling exhibits that Centro’s Library and Archives have designed, conceived and curated. All of them are available to educational and non- profit institutions across the United States and Puerto Rico. For more information on bringing one of Centro’s traveling exhibits or documentary screenings to your community, contact Julio Ortiz-Luquis at (212) 396-6519 or jo419@hunter.cuny.edu.

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