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Congress goes into a two-week recess without clearing the picture for the island
“Democrats are trying to bail out insurance companies from disastrous #Obamacare, and Puerto Rico with your tax dollars. Sad!” he wrote on Twitter.
The Administration is also disappointed that this bill provides almost $300 million for Puerto Rico's Medicaid program without underlying...
Puerto Rico's government is ordering all students ages 11 and 12 to get vaccinated against HPV by next year. Monday's announcement follows...
Although the Government would like to continue this initiative, the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation is lacking a leader
The Island could be excluded from a measure for health funds
Legislators from the Island’s leading parties began their meetings in Washington
There's a need to find a joint solution to the fiscal abyss the island’s health system is headed toward
Still outstanding: the fate of money to extend health care benefits to retired coal miners and Democrats' desire to help Puerto Rico, which is...
As the spending deal heads toward a vote, the White House raised concerns the legislation includes about $300 million for Puerto Rico's Medicaid...
... Hispanics over 50 in areas that see high rates of HIV such as New York City, Houston and San Antonio, Miami and several cities in Puerto Rico.
“We have already begun to see funding and political will for sexual reproductive health and rights paralyzed in Puerto Rico and other countries in...
The governor emphasizes that the Front for Puerto Rico will present a single voice in its claims to Congress
Commissioner González wrote to the congressional leadership, which defeated the Trumpcare bill
Experts discuss measures that should be taken in view of the fiscal abyss in Medicaid