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Rebuild Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria, a devastating Category 4 hurricane, caused billions of dollars in damages to Puerto Rico and left 3.4 million island residents without power, potable water, and telecommunications. Recovery is estimated to take years. Centro has launched Rebuild Puerto Rico, an online information clearinghouse for the stateside Puerto Rican community and other allies to support disaster relief and recovery efforts. A Rebuild Puerto Rico newsletter highlighting new content on the online platform will be issued weekly and as needed. Read More

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico at a time of great financial difficulty for the island and its residents, leaving behind widespread destruction and a humanitarian crisis. Stay up to date with recent events related to recovery and reconstruction efforts in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican community leaders and elected officials in the diaspora are calling for a renewed effort to assist Puerto Rico with disaster relief and recovery. Many have responded to this call to action and have planned events in support of relief efforts.

Connect with people and organizations that provide a service or work with the Puerto Rican community stateside and in Puerto Rico.

You can help by donating directly to charities in Puerto Rico that are leading the effort to mitigate the humanitarian crisis. The website contains a list of charities and local initiatives with direct access to the victims of these hurricanes.

This natural disaster will undoubtedly dictate the upcoming policy agenda for the island. It is imperative that we maintain public awareness for disaster relief efforts and engagement, not just in the emergency phase but also during recovery and reconstruction.

Through two interactive maps find information related to pre and post-Maria conditions in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican solidarity movement in the United States.

Browse current volunteer opportunities in support of disaster relief and recovery and reconstruction efforts.

Several federal, state, local, and private sector programs are available for those affected by a natural disaster. This page contains a collection of important resources and agencies that can help you during this difficult time.

Find information about collaboration opportunities or request for support from organizations that are working on the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.