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Puerto Rico's Vulnerable Population & COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 in Puerto Rico

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) provides a web map application related to the Covid-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico. This web map shows daily updates of covid-19 positives cases sourced by Puerto Rico’s Department of Health and Instituto de Estadísticas de Puerto Rico. The objective of this web map is to integrate local, state and federal sources of information such as CDC’s socially vulnerable communities (both county and census tract level) and U.S. Census Bureau’s demographic data as well as testing sites and location of hospitals in the Island.

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Pre- and Post-Hurricane Maria

Interactive Post-Maria Puerto Rico Map

Our data center web map includes over fifty GIS layers available to academics, community planners, researchers, and students who are interested in the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico. Our GIS web map includes GIS layers related to demographic, environmental, infrastructure, health, and emergency and response. Through ESRI ArcGIS online platform, we integrated and published various data layers, from sources like Puerto Rico’s central government agencies (Departments of Education and Health), the U.S. Census Bureau, NOAA, and USGS.

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Puerto Rico’s Earthquake & Social Vulnerability/Preliminary Damage Assessment

Preliminary Damage Assessment


Centro released an interactive web map that shows CDC’s social vulnerability index at the community (census tract) and county level, FEMA’s preliminary damage assessment (subject to change), and USGS earthquake data (events, magnitude, and shake intensity). This web map allows users to identify, analyze their area of interest.

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Share with us information about your efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico and it will be included on our interactive map for others to know. Please visit:

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