Need Help?

Hurricane Maria has caused unprecedented damage and in the aftermath, many find themselves in need of assistance. Several federal, state, local, and private sector programs are available for those affected by a natural disaster. This page contains a collection of important resources and agencies that can help you during this difficult time. Programs are available for those seeking assistance with recovery efforts, rebuilding and repairs, or those wishing to relocate. Detailed information on these and many other programs can be obtained by visiting the links provided here or by contacting the appropriate agencies.

Procedure and Application process on how to receive reduced fare.
The Institute for Family Health assist with connections to free/low cost health services. For more information, you can call the Manhattan office (212)633-0800.
In the link provided, access to training courses and employment services are available. Various recruitment events in all 5 boroughs are available as well.
Looking for Employment between the ages of 16-24? Summer Youth Employment Program will provide those who are selected with Part-time positions during the summer time. Deadlines for submitting applications are March 16, 2018. Those selected will be...
The Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation assist individuals with connections to employment, Housing and Community building events. For more information you can call (718)647-2800.
This organization is for various services fro Youth development to Housing. Make the Road is very well known in several states and has been around for years.
Click Link to view which health insurance options are available to you and/or your family in the NY State Marketplace. Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or the Essential Plan through the Marketplace is available to anyone who needs health coverage.
The NYC Free Clinic, a comprehensive free healthcare clinic, believes that high-quality healthcare is the right of all individuals. We provide, at no cost to our patients, the full range of healthcare services that include specialty referrals,...
SUNY Downstate students aim to improve access to comprehensive health services for those in greatest need. The Brooklyn Free Clinic's mission is to augment existing health programs by expanding coverage to the uninsured and networking with...
In this Link, you'll be provided with courses information and locations for Adult (21+) Programs. These are for individuals that are considering finishing their G.E.D to expand their job opportunities.