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J. F. Seary

J. F. Seary is a Nuyorican poet and actor. Her performance career began at Binghamton University. Since then she has performed at the Nuyorican Poets Café, the Bowery Poetry Club, and Le Poisson Rouge. She has performed in American cities such as NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, L.A., Grand Rapids, and Orlando. Internationally, SEARY has performed in London, U.K. and San Juan, P.R. In addition, she has toured colleges across the country with her solo poetry show and with Urbintel's HerStory. J.F. Seary has performed in both classical and contemporary theatrical productions including; Shakespeare's King Lear, A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It. Contemporary plays include Vivisection, In The Cypher, Soledad Speaks and Latin Lives. Recently, she completed a limited engagement of Black Latina's Of Mothers and Men.  She is currently working on Necromancer (pilot). J.F. Seary continues to live and work in NYC and is humbled and eternally grateful for all of the support she has received.