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Bibliographies of Puerto Rican Studies


Bibliography of Puerto Rican Studies

Bibliography of CENTRO Journal

The Centro Library and Archives provides an online source of bibliographic information in Puerto Rican Studies for researchers, students and the general public. Due in part to our extensive collection and experience in the discipline of Puerto Rican Studies, the bibliographies will provide an entry or pathway into the literature within the field. Our aim is to provide bibliographic information that will serve as an important research tool while also providing information on standard sources of scholarship in Puerto Rican Studies. The bibliographies will contain both traditional and current sources of information within the subject and will be divided by general fields or topical areas. Many of the sources will include a brief description that will provide information for users on the content and scope of a particular item.


The bibliography listed is available through the ProQuest RefWorks platform and is updated quarterly. The list is available to all users. But as a reminder, links to full-text databases are only available to CUNY affiliates and to those searching within the Library Terminals.