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Nancy Mercado

Nancy Mercado is a guest curator for the Museum of American Poetics and an assistant editor for Eco-poetry.org. In April 2014 she traveled to Havana, Cuba by invitation, to present her paper, To Be or Not to Be Nuyorican, at Cuba’s seminal cultural institution: Casa de las Americas. Mercado was featured on National Public Radio’s The Talk of the Nation and on the PBS NewsHour Special: America Remembers 9/11. Also featured in The Encyclopedia of Hispanic American Literature (Facts on File), she is profiled in Latino Leaders Magazine, as “one of the most celebrated members of the Puerto Rican literary movement in the Big Apple.” Mercado was a contributing editor and writer for Letras Femeninas volumen XXXI, Número 1: The Journal of the Asociación de Literatura Femenina Hispánica of Arizona State University and the guest editor of Phati’tude Literary Magazine’s issue; ¿What’s in a Nombre? Writing Latin@ Identity in America. She also served as an editor for the literary and art publication, Long Shot, for 11 years and was its editor-in-chief for one year. Her work has been published in dozens of anthologies such as: Looking Out Looking In: Anthology of Latino Poetry (Arte Publico Press), Powwow, American Short Fiction from Then to Now (Da Capo Press), Changer L’Amérique Anthologie De La Poésie Protestataire Des USA (Maison De La Poésie) and Aloud: Voices From the Nuyorican Poets Café (Henry Holt). The author of It Concerns the Madness (Long Shot Productions) and editor of the children’s’ anthology: if the world were mine (New Jersey Performing Arts Center), Mercado authored seven theater plays, which have all been produced. She holds a PhD in English Literature.