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Not the Time to Stay: The Unpublished Plays of Victor Fragoso


The Unpublished Plays of Víctor Fragoso

Edited, translated and with an introduction by Consuelo Martínez-Reyes

Published 2018

244 pages; 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1-945662-24-9 (paperback) 

LCCN: 2018034538

Price: $25.00 paperback


About this book

Not the Time to Stay brings to light for the first time the marvellous work of Puerto Rican playwright Víctor Fragoso. Eight plays, edited and translated by Consuelo Martínez-Reyes, portray the socio-cultural issues Fragoso sought to expose: the choice and difficulties of migration, the clash between American and Puerto Rican societies, the oppression suffered by Latinos in the USA, homelessness, and domestic violence, among others. Fragoso played a key role in the New York City theatre scene in the 1970s, and in the overall interrogation of Puerto Rican and Latino identities in the USA. This new generation of Latinos will certainly find, in their rediscovery of Fragoso’s work, a visionary of social themes, literary and theater practices.


Table of Contents


Introduction: The Life and Theater of Víctor Fragoso

Not the Time to Stay

Call My Number

Santaclos in Boriken

Undecided, from Cayey

Don’t Get Nervous

Newark, 1974

The Latino Era (co-written with Dolores Prida)

First Night Out: the Basic Training of a Bag Lady


About the Editor

Consuelo Martínez Reyes is a Puerto Rican writer, translator, and Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies at Macquarie University, in Sydney, Australia. Her academic work centers on the representation of gender, sexuality, and national sentiments in Hispanic Caribbean cinema and literature. She has translated for the PBS TV program Need to Know, theNational Council of La Raza, and the American Civil Liberties Union. She has recently published her short-story collection, entitled En blanco (La Pereza, 2018).



The publication of Víctor Fernández Fragoso’s work is a major contribution to the field of Latino/a and Puerto Rican literature. Efraín Barradas, University of Florida

In this excellent book, we see outstanding facets of Victor Fragoso’s personality in his contemporary sensibility; with great ability to capture the artistic, philosophical, spiritual and patriotic concerns of his time. I invite you to know more intimately this nearly forgotten Puerto Rican talent. Iván Acosta, playwright and filmmaker