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State of Puerto Ricans 2017

State of Puerto Ricans 2017



Edited by Edwin Meléndez and Carlos Vargas-Ramos

Published 2017

138 pages; 8.5 x 11

ISBN: 978-1-945662-12-6   (paperback) 

LCCN: 2017021705

Price: $25.00 paperback


About this book

This book provides an updated overview of some of the most salient subjects and themes about the Puerto Rican population in the United States at present. It highlights the continued mobility and expansion of the Puerto Rican population throughout the country, including state-to-state migration, migration from Puerto Rico in light of the economic crisis in the island, as well as the role of service in the armed forces in anchoring new areas of settlement. State of Puerto Ricans, 2017 reports on some persistent issues of concern, such as education, disconnected youth, political and civic engagement. But, in addition, it presents current information on some understudied subjects, such as access to healthcare, racial disparities, food insecurity and entrepreneurship.

The State of Puerto Ricans, 2017 documents the continued perseverance and endurance of the vast majority of Puerto Ricans, who now reside in the United States.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Puerto Rican Resiliency and Endurance 


Edwin Meléndez & Carlos Vargas-Ramos

Chapter 1: Demographic Changes and Internal Migration

Carlos Vargas Ramos and Jennifer Hinojosa

Chapter 2: Brain Drain, Revisited

Jennifer Hinojosa

Chapter 3: Migration and Military Service: a Pathway to the Middle Class

Harry Franqui-Rivera

Chapter 4: The Puerto Rican Education Pipeline: New York City, New York State and the United States

Luis O. Reyes

Chapter 5: School, Work and the Transition of Puerto Rican Youth to Adulthood Edwin Melendez

Chapter 6: Puerto Rican Entrepreneurship in the U.S.

Jennifer Hinojosa

Chapter 7: Puerto Rican Households in the U.S.

Eric Franqui

Chapter 8: Puerto Rican Housing Characteristics

Jennifer Hinojosa

Chapter 9: Some Social Differences on the Basis of Race among Puerto Ricans

Carlos Vargas-Ramos

Chapter 10: Recent Trends in Puerto Rican Electoral and Civic Engagement in the United States

Carlos Vargas-Ramos

Chapter 11: Health of Puerto Ricans in the United States

Leonell Torres-Pagan

Chapter 12: Eating Well (When you Can): Food Security among Stateside Puerto Ricans

Melissa Fuster

Chapter 13: Health Insurance Coverage among Puerto Ricans, 2010-2015

Jennifer Hinojosa



About the Editors

Edwin Meléndez, Director, Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Carlos Vargas-Ramos, Research Associate, Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College of the City University of New York.