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Journal 1998

Centro Journal

Volume X - Number 1 & 2 (Fall 1998) 
1898-1998 Part 1 (double issue)
Fall 1998
Vol.X, No.1 & 2, 223 pages


The Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the Status Issue under Spanish Rule: selected sources, 1892-1897

The 1897 Autonomous Charter

Puerto Rican Perspectives on the United States Invasion Of Puerto Rico, 1898

La Entrega del Mando o Fin De Siglo: A play Critical of the United States Invasion Of Puerto Rico, 1899

The Invasion of Puerto Rico: Writings By Journalists and Other Observers From the United States, 1898

The Economic and the Social Status of Puerto Rico: Reports by United States Government Officials, 1899-1919

Portfolio of Political Cartoons

The Treaty of Paris, 1898

Selections from the Foraker Act, 1900

Reactions to the United States Takeover Of Puerto Rico, 1900-1917

Selections from the Jones Act, 1917

Puerto Rican Emigration, 1900-1918