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Journal 2005

Centro Journal

Volume XVII - Number 1 (Spring 2005)
Puerto Rican Music and Dance: Rican Structing Roots/Routes, Part II
Spring 2005
Vol.XVII, No.1, 288 pages

Technologies: Transculturations of race, gender and ethnicity in Arturo A. Schomburg's Masonic writings
Jossianna Arroyo

Two variants of Caribbean nationalism: Marcus Garvey and Pedro Albizu Campos
Juan Manuel Carrión

Puerto Rico: The pleasures and traumas of race
Alan West-Durán

The racialization of Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans: 1890's -1930's
Victor M. Rodríguez Domínguez

Dando y cogiendo. Los puertorriqueños y el deseo homoerótico
Rafael L. Ramírez, Victor I. García Toro y Luis Solano Castillo

Puerto Rican sugar: The transnational film career of Mapy Cortés
Roberto Carlos Ortiz

Samuel Gompers and the American Federation of Labor in Puerto Rico
Carlos Sanabria

A controversy of poets: Translations by Roberto Márquez
Roberto Márquez

The making of a curandera historian: Aurora Levins Morales
Elizabeth Garcia

Nuyorican spaces: Mapping identity in a poetic geography
Edrik López

Welfare use and political response: AUrban narratives from first-and second-generation Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in New York City
Linda Allegro

Dominican migration to Puerto Rico: A transnational perspective
Jorge Duany

The Dominican immigration experience
José Itzigsohn

Volume XVII - Number 2 (Fall 2005)
Puerto Rican Visual artists and the United States.
Yasmin Ramírez, Guest Editor
Fall 2005
Vol.XVII, No.2, 288 pages

Yasmin Ramírez

Aesthetics of Exile: The construction of Nuyorican identity in the art of El Taller Boricua
Taína B. Caragol-Barreto

Nuyorican Visionary: Jorge Soto and the Evolution of an Afro-Taíno aesthetic at Taller Boricua
Yasmin Ramírez

Arnaldo Roche: Africania a dos voces
Francisco Cabanillas

Desnudo con huesos/Nude with bones
Lourdes Vázquez

Memory Ricanstruction: Literary portfolios based on poetry created by José R. Alicea
Raquel Ortiz Rodríguez

Painting liberation: 1998 and its pivotal role in the formation of a new Boricua political art movement
Yasmín Hernández

Visual artists honor Pedro Pietri: A pictorial essay

From handcrafted tobacco rolls to machine-made cigarettes: The transformation and Americanization of Puerto Rican tobacco,1847-1903
Juan José Baldrich

In his image and likeness: The Puerto Rican jíbaro as political icon
Nathaniel I. Córdova

The Puerto Rican Journey revisited: Politics and the study of Puerto Rican migration
Edgardo Meléndez Vélez

He said/She said: Gendered historical discourses in Rosario Ferré's The House on the Lagoon
Beatriz Urraca

Entrevista a Rosario Ferré: In between dos worlds
Gema Soledad Castillo García

Transamerican imaginaries, archival revelations: The current state of Latino/a literary theory
Richard Perez

Género y poder: Vida cotidiana y masculinidades
Idsa E. Alegría-Ortega & Eduardo J. Rivera-Medina