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Centro Journal

**Volume XIX, Number 1(Spring 2007) 
Puerto Rican Queer Sexualities
Guest Editors: Luis Aponte-Parés, Jossianna Arroyo, Elizabeth Crespo-Kebler, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Frances Negrón-Muntane

Puerto Rican Queer Sexualities: Introduction
Luis Aponte-Parés, Jossianna Arroyo, Elizabeth Crespo-Kebler, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Frances Negrón-Muntaner

Setting them straight: Social services, youth, sexuality, and modernization in postwar (WWII) Puerto Rico
Isabel córdova Suárez

The oxymoron of sexual sovereignty: Some Puerto Rican literary reflections
Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé

Nationalism, states of exception, and Caribbean identities in Sirena Selena vestida de pena and “Loca la de la locura”
Radost Rangelova

Night becomes “Latina”: Mariana Romo-Carmona’s
Living at Night and the tactics of abjection

María DeGuzmán

Sylvia Rivera’s talk at LGMNY, June 2001
(Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York City)

“Still at the back of the bus”: Sylvia Rivera’s struggle
Jessi Gan

Eliding trans Latino/a queer experience in U.S. LGBT history: José Sarria and Sylvia Rivera reexamined
Tim Retzloff

“Poetry always demands all my ghosts”:
The haunted and haunting poetry of Rane Arroyo

Betsey A. Sandlin

René Marqués, Ángel Lozada and the constitution of the (queer) Puerto Rican national subject
Alfredo Villanueva-Collado

Queer ducks, Puerto Rican patos, and Jewish American feygelekh: Birds and the cultural representation of homosexuality
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

Boricua lesbians: Sexuality, nationality, and the politics of passing
Lourdes Torres

¡Bien Gorgeous! The cultural work of Eduardo Alegría
Gilberto Moisés Blasini

‘Mira, yo soy Boricua y estoy aquí’: Rafa Negrón’s Pan Dulce and the queer sonic Latinaje of San Francisco
Horacio N. Roque Ramírez

A naked Puerto Rican faggot from America: An interview with Arthur Avilés
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

Antonio Pantojas se abre el traje para que escuchemos el mar: una historia de vida transformista
Javier E. Laureano

Short Story. The ugly dyckling
Frances Negrón-Muntaner

A portfolio of photographs by Luis Carle

Chronicles for an intimate narrative: Aportfolio of the art of Mari de Pedro
Pan-Latinism: Out of many cultures, one people

Howard Jordan

Book Reviews

** In Print (available for Purchase)


Volume XIX, Number 2 (Fall 2007) 
Special Section: The Education of the Puerto Rican Diaspora: Challenges, Dilemas, and Possibilities 
Guest Editors: Anthony De Jesús and Rosalie Rolón-Dow

The education of the Puerto Rican diaspora: An introduction
Anthony de Jesús and Rosalie Rolón-Dow

Felícita “La Prieta” Méndez (1916–1998) and the end of Latino school
segregation in California

Jennifer McCormick and César J. Ayala

RicanStructing the discourse and promoting school success: Extending a theory of culturally responsive pedagogy for DiaspoRicans
Jason G. Irizarry and René Antrop-González

Investigating the investigators: An analysis of The Puerto Rican Study
Madeleine E. López

Don’t believe them when they tell you that I don't exist
Billie Gastic

Other Essays:

Puerto Rican musicians of the Harlem Renaissance
Basilio Serrano

In the decimated city: Symptom, translation, and the performance of a New York jíbaro from Ladí to Luciano to Lavoe
Urayoán Noel

Luisa Capetillo in translation: Notas para un testimonio
Alan West-Durán

The National Security Council during the Carter administration and the liberation of the Puerto Rican Nationalists in 1979
Francisco Ortiz Santini

Un “pequeño Pittsburgh” borincano: La ciudad imaginada del discurso desarrollista de Fomento
Gabriel Villaronga

“Federal funds” and the Puerto Rican economy: Myths and realities
Emilio Pantojas-García

Reaching the promised land: Undocumented Dominican migration to Puerto Rico
Milagros Ricourt

Review Essay

Remembering my father's face: Latino baseball, Roberto Clemente, and an ethics of hospitality
Richard Perez

Book Reviews

Racial Transformations: Latinos and Asians Remaking the United States
Edited by Nicholas De Genova

Reviewed by Jorge Duany

Los dibujos del progreso: el mundo caricaturesco de Filardi y la crítica al desarrollismo muñocista, 1950–1960
By Rafael L. Cabrera Collazo

Reviewed by Efraín Barradas

Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas
Directed by Rosie Pérez and Liz Garbusr
Reviewed by Déborah Berman Santana

One Nation, One Standard: An Ex-Liberal on How Hispanics Can Succeed Just Like Other Immigrant Groups
By Herman Badillo

Reviewed by Angelo Falcón

Latino Politics in the United States: Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in the Mexican American and Puerto Rican Experience
By Victor Manuel Rodríguez

Reviewed by Aldo Lauria Santiago

Taíno Indian Myth and Practice: The Arrival of the Stranger King
By William F. Keegan
Reviewed by Karen F. Anderson-Córdova

Latinos in a Changing Society
Edited by Martha Montero-Sieburth and Edwin Meléndez
Reviewed by Jorge Capetillo-Ponce

Strangers in a Foreign Land: The Organizing of Catholic Latinos in the United States
By George E. Schultze, SJ
Reviewed by David A. Badillo

Pioneros puertorriqueños en Nueva York, 1917–1947
By Joaquín Colón López

Reviewed by Linda Delgado