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CENTRO: Journal vol. XXIX no. 1 Spring 2017

U.S. Citizenship in Puerto Rico: One Hundred Years After the Jones Act
Guest Editors: Charles R. Venator-Santiago and Edgardo Meléndez

Table of Contents

PrefaceEdwin Meléndez


U.S. Citizenship in Puerto Rico: One Hundred Years After the Jones Act
Charles R. Venator-Santiago and Edgardo Meléndez

Mapping the Contours of the History of the Extension of U.S. Citizenship to Puerto Rico, 1898–Present
Charles R. Venator-Santiago

The Unresolved Constitutional Issues of Puerto Rican Citizenship
Rogers M. Smith

Citizenship and Equality in an Age of Diversity: Reflections on Balzac and the Indian Civil Rights Act
Sanford Levinson

To Be or Not to Be: Puerto Ricans and Their Illusory U.S. Citizenship
Juan R. Torruella

Citizenship in U.S. Territories: Constitutional Right or Congressional Privilege?
Neil Weare

Dual Consciousness About Law And Justice: Puerto Ricans’ Battle For U.S. Citizenship In Hawai‘i
Susan K. Serrano

“…Acting Like an American Citizen”: Discursive and Political Resistance to Puerto Rican U.S. Citizenship Anomalies in the 1930s
Daniel Acosta Elkan

A Note on the Puerto Rican De-Naturalization Exception of 1948
Charles R. Venator-Santiago

Puerto Ricans as Contingent Citizens: Shifting Mandated Identities and Imperial Disjunctures
Pedro Cabán

Puerto Ricans and U.S. Citizenship in 1917: Imperatives of Security
Bartholomew Sparrow and Jennifer Lamm

Comments on the Jones Act and the Grant of U.S. Citizenship to Puerto Ricans
Edgardo Meléndez

CENTRO Journal vol. XXIX, no. 2, Summer 2017

Table of Contents

Sunshine Politics: Puerto Rican Memory and the Political in New Destinations
Patricia Silver

Puerto Rican Language Use on Facebook
Kevin S. Carroll and Vanessa Z. Mari

Jesús y Concha Colón: A Puerto Rican Story of Love, Tradition, Migration and Modernity in Early 20th Century New York
Melissa Coss Aquino

From the Archives: On Two ‘Lost’ Poems by Julia de Burgos
Cristina Pérez Jiménez

Gender, Homosexuality, the Diasporic Experience, and Other Key Themes in Víctor Fragoso’s Theater
Consuelo Martínez-Reyes

“We Like Mexican Laborers Better”: Citizenship and Immigration Policies in the Formation of Puerto Rican Farm Labor in the United States
Ismael García-Colón

“My Eyes Opened to a Healthier Life”: An Exploration of Health Choices Made by Puerto Rican Mothers Living in Pennsylvania
Cynthia D. Knittle and Susan A. Orshan

CENTRO Journal vol. XXIX, no. 3, Fall 2017

Special Section: Grounding Puerto Ricans in Place
Guest Edited by William Vélez

Table of Contents

Grounding Puerto Ricans in Place:
Introduction by William Vélez

Gendered Fault Lines: A Demographic Profile of Puerto Rican Women in the United States
by Maura Toro-Morn and Ivis García

Contextualizing the Relationship between Culture and Puerto Rican Health: Towards a Place-Based Framework of Minority Health Disparities
by Giovani Burgos, Fernando I. Rivera, and Marc A. Garcia

Reflections on Cultural Capital and Orlando’s Puerto Rican and Latino “Elite”
by Simone Pierre Delerme

“Let Me Go Check Out Florida”: Rethinking Puerto Rican Diaspora
by Patricia Silver and William Vélez

A New Framework for Understanding Puerto Ricans’ Migration Patterns and Incorporation
by William Vélez

Racismo en Puerto Rico: Surveying Perceptions of Racism
by Hilda Lloréns, Carlos G. García-Quijano and Isar P. Godreau

La conciencia del endorracismo y el cuerpo social en Negro: este color que me queda bonito de Benito Massó
by Ana Zapata-Calle


Rescuing Forgotten Voices: An Interview with Olga Jiménez de Wagenheim
by Katherine T. Mccaffrey