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Journal 2021


CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Volume 33 • Number 1 • Spring 2021

SPECIAL ISSUE: Navigating Insecurity: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities

Guest editors: Aldo Lauria Santiago and Charles Venator-Santiago

Navigating Insecurity: Crisis, Power, and Protest in Puerto Rican Communities—Introduction

Aldo Lauria Santiago and Charles Venator-Santiago

Puerto Rico in Crisis and the Shifting Dictates of Empire

Pedro Cabán

“Promoting Justice for the Spanish-Speaking Individual”: Puerto Rican Consumer Activism in Philadelphia, 1960s to 1970s

Alyssa Ribeiro

Puerto Rico’s Economy: Before and After Hurricane Maria

José Caraballo-Cueto

“Even if they promise, you know it won’t happen”: Ontological Insecurity from Overlapping Collective and Cultural Trauma

Elizabeth Aranda, Rebecca Blackwell and Alessandra Rosa

(Re)Producing Insecurity for Puerto Rican Students in Florida Schools: A Raciolinguistic Perspective on English-Only Policies,

Molly Hamm-Rodríguez and Astrid Sambolín Morales

“Los hijos ausentes”: Citizenship, Activism, and Recovery in Post-Hurricane Maria Orlando

Julie Torres

The Donations Gap and the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Explaining Why Puerto Rico's Disaster Relief Operations Post-Maria Received Fewer Charity Contributions That Similar Efforts in Texas or Florida

Carlos L. Yordán

Listening to Puerto Rico and the Importance of Engaged Digital Scholarship in Academia

Thomas F. Anderson and Marisel Moreno

Yo no huelo a nada": el rastro de los sentidos en la comunicación del desastre (Puerto Rico 2017-2018)

Silvia Álvarez Curbelo

Book Reviews

Agrarian Puerto Rico: Reconsidering Rural Economy and Society, 1899-1940, by César J. Ayala and Laird W. Bergad (Tim Loreck)

Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire, by Sam Erman (Aldo Lauria-Santiago)

Early Puerto Rican Cinema and Nation Building: National Sentiments, Transnational Realities, 1897–1940, by Naida García-Crespo (Manuel G. Avilés-Santiago)

Racial Migrations: New York City and the Revolutionary Politics of the Spanish Caribbean, by Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof (Ileana María Rodríguez-Silva)



CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Volume 33 • Number 2 • Summer 2021


Nuyorican mestizaje or la gran familia neorriqueña in Piri Thomas’s Down These Mean Streets, by Marissa L. Ambio

Reinvigorating Puerto Rico’s Pharmaceutical Industry: A U.S. Security Imperative, by Lynne Chandler Garcia and Michael Beverley

Puerto Rico’s Outmigration and the Deterioration of Economic Conditions as Identified with National Debt, by Ivis García

Abject Failure and Utopian Longing in the Lower East Side: The Poetry and Performance of Miguel Piñero, by Charlie Geyer

Eso es puertorriqueño: The Enregisterment of Lateralization Among Puerto Ricans in the United States, by Elaine Shenk

High School Student Experiences and Impact of a College Preparatory Program in Puerto Rico During the 1960s, by William Vélez and Antonio Paniagua Guzmán

Book Reviews

Colonial Migrants at the Heart of Empire: Puerto Rican Workers on U.S. Farms, by Ismael García-Colón (Aldo Lauria-Santiago)

Race and Nation in Puerto Rican Folklore: Franz Boas and John Alden Mason in Porto Rico, by Rafael Ocasio (Efraín Barradas)

Parenting Empires: Class, Whiteness, and the Moral Economy of Privilege in Latin America, by Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas (Guillermo Rebollo Gil)

La Nueva Dramaturgia Puertorriqueña: trans/acciones de la identidad by Laurietz Seda (Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes)


CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Volume 33 • Number 3 • Fall 2021


Cuentos para fomentar el turismo de Emilio S. Belaval: el caso de una obra maestra incompleta - Efraín Barradas

Income Inequality and Polarization amidst Economic Crisis and Class Conflict - Eileen Segarra Alméstica and Antonio Gil de Rubio-Cruz

Perceived Impact of Hurricane Maria on Educators and Students in Puerto Rico - Lorraine J. Guth, Cassandre Surinon, Ana Puig, Amy Nitza, Breanne Georgiana and I. Magaly Freytes

The Impossible Dream: The Great Gatsby, Bodega Dreams and the Colonial Difference - Lorna L. Pérez

Brujería Lite: Centering Blackness-as-Practice in Everyday AfroPuerto Rican Spiritualities - Krista L. Cortes

Memory and Revisionist Work in Daughters of the Stone: An Interview with Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa - Keishla Rivera-Lopez

Book Reviews

Sunbelt Diaspora: Race, Class, and Latino Politics in Puerto Rican Orlando by Patricia Silver - (Reviewed by Elizabeth Aranda)

Loisaida as Urban Laboratory: Puerto Rican Community Activism in New York by Timo Schrader - (Reviewed by Miranda Martinez)

Manuel G. Tavárez. Danzas para piano, vol.1 - (Reviewed by Alberto Hernández Banuchi)

The Young Lords: A Radical History by Johanna Fernández - (Reviewed by Michael Staudenmaier)