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RebuildPR Web Map Application

RebuildPR Web Map Application is an interactive data and mapping tool developed by Center for Puerto Rican Studies to support post disaster reconstruction in Puerto Rico. Its goal is to provide data for policy makers, researchers, on the ground non-profits, and community leaders to the rebuilding efforts of Puerto Rico’s post-2017 disasters. With this web map application, users can access over 150 geospatial layers on Puerto Rico’s agriculture, demographics, economy, natural disaster events, critical infrastructure, housing, energy, and education. Users can create map and track trends overtime. Centro’s RebuildPR Web Map Application is a user-friendly and publicly-available web map application tool

RebuildPR Web Map Application




Puerto Rico’s Earthquake & Social Vulnerability/Preliminary Damage Assessment

Preliminary Damage Assessment


Centro released an interactive web map that shows CDC’s social vulnerability index at the community (census tract) and county level, FEMA’s preliminary damage assessment (subject to change), and USGS earthquake data (events, magnitude, and shake intensity). This web map allows users to identify, analyze their area of interest.

Click here for our video tutorial: Commin Soon

Click here for manual tutorial:Quick-tutorial-puerto-ricos-earthquake-social-vulnerability