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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Camcho Souza, Blase.
Title: Blase Camacho Souza Papers
Dates: 1899-2003, (Bulk 1970-2000)
Abstract: Boricua-Hawaiana activist and educator. Her papers are an important source of information on the experience of Puerto Ricans who emigrated to Hawaii. Included in the papers are letters, manuscripts, notes, programs, flyers, photographs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia.
Quantity: 12 cubic feet (23 boxes)
Call Phrase: 2000-04

Historical/Biographical Note

Blase Camacho Souza, a second generation Puerto Rican Hawaiian, dedicated herself to preserving and interpreting the migration experience of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii. Her training as a librarian and educator enabled her to do extensive research, writing and lecturing on the culture and history of Hawaii's Puerto Rican community. Camacho Souza co founded and became first president of the Puerto Rican Heritage Society, which sought to maintain, promote and document Puerto Rican traditions through such activities as exhibits, festivals and publications. In efforts to reconnect Puerto Rico and Hawaii, Camacho Souza organized trips and exchanges between the two "archipelagos." She participated in the "Plantation Village Project," a museum re-creation of plantation life, by setting up La Casita: The Puerto Rican House, a replica of the houses used by Puerto Rican plantation workers.

The U.S. invasion of Puerto Rico in 1898 adversely impacted the island's economy which was largely based on agriculture production. The economic situation deteriorated further when on August 8, 1899, Puerto Rico was struck by the devastating hurricane, San Ciriaco. Agricultural laborers were especially hard-hit, many becoming homeless and jobless. These conditions and other factors, along with a campaign to recruit contract laborers, persuaded workers to leave for countries such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela and to the far away island of Hawaii. Blase Camacho Souza's grandparents were among those who left in the Hawaii emigration of 1901.

Blase Camacho Souza was born in Kohala, Hawaii on February 3, 1918 to Mary (Rosa Maria Caravalho) and Lawrence (Lorenzo) Camacho Ramos. In accordance with Roman Catholic religious traditions from Puerto Rico, Camacho was given the name of the Saint of that day, St. Blase, despite the fact that it was a male name. She was raised in a small plantation house along with five siblings. She was the second Puerto Rican to graduate from Kohala High School and the first Puerto Rican Hawaiian to graduate from the University of Hawaii, earning a bachelors degree in education in 1939. To finance her education, Camacho took various jobs including domestic work, factory work at a pineapple cannery, and clerking at the University of Hawaii Teachers' College library. After graduation she worked as a teacher for some years, but then decided to shift careers. In a bold move, she left Hawaii for New York City to study library science at Pratt Institute obtaining a library degree in 1947. Despite job offers and the excitement of living in New York, she opted to return to Hawaii. In 1949, Camacho married Alfred Patrick Souza with whom she had two daughters, Michelle Louise and Patricia Anne.

Many employment opportunities became available to her and she chose to work as a school librarian. She made her mark in this field becoming a co-founder of the Hawaii Association of School Librarians and President of the Hawaii Library Association.

In the course of her career, she nurtured a deep interest in her roots and the history of Puerto Ricans. After retirement from the Department of Education she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to promoting and preserving the history and culture of Puerto Rican Hawaiians. In the 1970s, she contributed chapters to books, such as, Legacy of Diversity, and Montage: An Ethnic History of Women in Hawaii. She published De Borinquen a Hawaii: Nuestra Historia/ From Puerto Rico to Hawaii: Our Story and co-edited a recovered work by Carlos Mario Fraticelli titled A Puerto Rican Poet on the Sugar Plantations of Hawaii.

In 1982 she founded the Puerto Rican Heritage Society (PRHS) to preserve the cultural heritage of Puerto Ricans of Hawaii and became its first President. PRHS played an important role in her life and under her leadership, the Society flourished. From 1980-1983, Camacho Souza was the Director of "Puerto Ricans of Hawaii: Reflections of the Past and Mirror of the Future" a ground-breaking project of the Hawaii Committee for the Humanities. This traveling exhibition focused on the experiences of Puerto Rican migrants in Hawaii including life on the sugar plantations, family values and traditions.

Blase Camacho Souza's tireless efforts to preserve Boricua Hawaiiana culture is richly documented in her papers. Her collection is a unique resource for anyone interested in understanding this aspect of the Puerto Rican diasporic experience. It contains an unpublished manuscript Puerto Ricans of Hawaii: 100 Years.

Scope and Content Note

The Blase Camacho Souza papers are a significant resource for Puerto Rican migration studies and shed light on the life of plantation laborers in Hawaii in the 1900's and their descendants. The papers provide an intimate portrait of family life and work as well as the social and cultural networks created by migrants in their efforts to preserve Puerto Rican traditions.

The inclusive dates of the materials range from 1899 to 2003. Included among the documents are letters, photographs, manuscripts, notes, programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, publications, posters and artifacts.


Folders are arranged alphabetically/chronologically.
The collection is divided into the following series:
I. Biographical and Personal Information
II. Correspondence
III. Puerto Rican Heritage Society
IV. Organizations
V. Writings
VI. Photographs
VII. Subject Files
VIII. Conferences and Conventions
IX. Plantation Life
X. Clippings
XI. Artifacts
XII. Publications
XIII. Audio Tapes


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Subject Names:
Camacho Souza, Blase.
Caraballo, Benito.
Delano, Jack.
Espada, Frank.
Fraticelli, Carlos Mario.
Fraticelli, Frank
Grant, Glen.
Ke'Alii-Vargas, Louis.
Mariani, Eddie.
Martorell, Antonio.
Ogao, John.
Ortiz, Benino.
Piñero, Jesús T.
Subject Organizations:
Hawaii Committee for Humanities
Hawaii Library Association
Hawaii Multi-Cultural Center
Hawaii's Plantation Village
Puerto Rican Athletic Association
Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities
Puerto Rican Heritage Society
Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Genealogía
United Puerto Rican Association of Hawaii
Subject Topics:
Language and Culture.
Plantation-- Hawaii.
Puerto Rican Centennial Celebration.
Puerto Ricans in Hawaii.
Document Types:

Administrative Information


Gift of Blase Camacho Souza.

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Other Finding Aid

Guide to the Blase Camacho Souza Papers available in Spanish: Spanish Version

Container List

[The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.]


Series I: Biographical and Personal Information (1936-2003)

Scope and Content:

This series contains address books, business cards, articles, time cards, awards, portraits and interviews with Camacho. Included is an oral history interview on audiotape, which provides a brief history of Puerto Rico and the circumstances that led to the Hawaiian migration. These interviews also contain information on the Hawaii Plantation Village and the Puerto Rican Heritage Society’s role in the Centennial Celebration of Boricua Hawaiianos. Included in the travel documents are journal entries which record Camacho’s voyage on the S.S. Matsonia in 1946, which sailed from Honolulu to Los Angeles Harbor and San Francisco, as well as a souvenir passenger list and luggage tags.

Box Folder Title Date
1 1 Address and phone books, business cards undated, 1946-1993
1 2 Articles undated, 1939-2003
1 3 Biographical Information undated, 1988
1 4 Certificates of Baptism 1967-1992
1 5 Education, Honors, Certificates and Diplomas 1936-2001
1 6 Education undated, 1938-2000
1 7 Employment 1948-1975
1 8 Employment, Aina Haina School undated, 1964
1 9 Family, Caraballo and Gonzalez Reunion undated, 1986-1988
1 10 Family Genealogy undated, 2000
1 11 Family History 1944, 1978, 2001
1 12 Interview Transcripts 1978-2000
1 13 Oral History Audio Tapes undated
1 14 Portrait of Blase Camacho Souza by Antonio Martorell undated
1 15 Resumes undated, 1973-1998
Box Folder Title Date
2 1 Travel, Correspondence undated, 1984
2 2 Travel, New York Restaurants and Theaters undated, 1946-1947
2 3 Travel, Notes, Puerto Rico undated, 1984
2 4 Travel, S.S. Matsonia Documents and Journal 1946
Box Folder Title Date
OS_I 1 The World Who's Who of Women (Diploma) 1973

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Series II: Correspondence (1940-2001)

Scope and Content:

This series consists of letters, invitations, greeting cards and post cards. The correspondence documents collaborations with renowned photographer Frank Espada.

Box Folder Title Date
2 5-8 Incoming undated, 1949-2001
2 9 Invitations 1940
2 10-11 Outgoing undated, 1946-2001
2 12 Post Cards and Greeting Cards undated, 1949-1999

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Series III: Puerto Rican Heritage Society (1975-2001)

Scope and Content:

The Puerto Rican Heritage Society (PRHS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by Blase Camacho Souza to preserve and promote the cultural heritage and contributions of Boricua Hawaianos. This series documents the organization’s diverse activities and major projects such as the traveling exhibit titled “Boricua Hawaiana: Puerto Ricans of Hawaii, Reflections of the Past and Mirror of the Future” commemorating the eightieth anniversary of the Puerto Rican emigration. Another exhibition, “Contrasts: Change and Continuity in Puerto Rico and Hawaii” featuring the works of renowned photographer Jack Delano is also highlighted. Camacho Souza’s labor of love, a project to recover an earlier work by Carlos Mario Fraticelli titled A Puerto Rican Poet on Hawaii’s Sugar Plantation which was subsequently published is documented. Recorded as well are several trips to Puerto Rico sponsored by the organization.

The series contains a good deal of information on the Columbus Quincentennial Observance organized by a commission to which Camacho Souza was appointed.

Box Folder Title Date
3 1 75th Jubilee Celebration of Puerto Ricans Arrival to Hawaii undated, 1975-1976
3 2 89th Anniversary of the Arrival of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii 1989
3 3 91st Anniversary of the Arrival of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii 1991
3 4 Activities and Reports undated, 1980-1996
3 5 Al Hawaii, Video Documentary 1988
3 6 By-laws 1982-2000
3 7 Celebrate Hawaii, Television Program undated, 1987
3 8 Clippings 1981-2000
3 9 Correspondence, Incoming undated, 1981-2000
3 10 Correspondence, Outgoing undated, 1981-1993
3 11 Heritage Committee 1987-1988
3 12 Hurricane Georges Project undated, 1998-1999
3 13 Letterhead 1981-1985
3 14 Membership undated, 1980-1998
3 15 Minutes 1996-2000
3 16 Notes undated, 1981-1992
3 17 Organization History 1984, 1987
3 18 Puerto Rican Centennial Celebration, Event Programs and Speeches 2000-2001
3 19 Puerto Rican Centennial Celebration, Notes undated, 1999
Box Folder Title Date
4 1 Puerto Rican Centennial Celebration, Outreach College undated, 1999-2000
4 2 Radio History Series Report 1983
4 3 Regrants for "A Puerto Rican Poet on Hawaii's Sugar Plantation" Project undated, 1994-1998
4 4 Resolutions and Proclamations 1976-1993
4 5 Waianae Project undated, 1987

Columbus Quincentennial Observance, Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii Project

Box Folder Title Date
4 6 80th Anniversary of Puerto Ricans in Hawaii Committee Meetings undated, 1980-1981
4 7 Art- Eduardo Bolioli undated, 1992-2000
4 8 Bishop Museum, Events 1989-1992
4 9 Bishop Museum, Family Sunday undated, 1991-1992
4 10 Boricua Hawaiiana: Puerto Ricans of Hawaii, Reflections of the Past and Mirror of the Future undated, 1980-1983
4 11 Commission on the Columbian Quincentennial Observance undated, 1990-1999
4 12 Contrasts: Forty Years of Change and Continuity in Puerto Rico undated, 1980-1992
4 13 Evaluation of Boricua Hawaiiana 1982
4 14 General 1980-1982
4 15 Guide for Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii undated, 1992
Box Folder Title Date
5 1 Notes undated, 1989-1999
5 2 Promotion and Publicity for "Boricua Hawaiiana," undated 1980-1982
5 3 Promotion and Publicity for "Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii" 1990-1993
5 4 Publication: Boricua Hawaiiana finances 1981-1994
5 5 Regrants 1980-1992
5 6 Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITE) 1990-1991

85th Anniversary-1985 Pilgrimage to Puerto Rico

Box Folder Title Date
5 7 Correspondence undated, 1985-1986
5 8 Guanica Plaque Project undated, 1985-1987
5 9 Members and Collaborators 1985-1986
5 10 Notes undated, 1985
5 11 Presentation at Forum at Universidad Metropolitana in Rio Piedras 1985
5 12 Programs and Schedules undated, 1985-1986
5 13 Puerto Rican Migration to Hawaii, Interviews undated, 1977-1978
Box Folder Title Date
6 1 Puerto Rican Migration to Hawaii, Milagros Hernandez Videotape undated, 1985-1986
6 2 Puerto Rican Migration to Hawaii, Note undated, 1978
6 3 Songs and Poetry 1985

1993 Pilgrimage to Puerto Rico

Box Folder Title Date
6 4 Correspondence 1993
6 5 Members/ Travelers undated, 1992-1993
6 6 Notes undated, 1992-1993
6 7 Schedules 1993
6 8 Sites undated, 1993
Box Folder Title Date
OS_III 1 Boricua Hawaiana: 80th Anniversary of the Puerto Ricans' arrival in Hawaii. (2 Posters) 1985

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Series IV: Organizations (1939-2001)

Scope and Content:

Contained in this series are materials about several organizations in which Camacho Souza actively participated. Among them is the Hawaii Multi-Cultural Center where she worked on the creation of the Family Life Exhibit Project.

Box Folder Title Date
6 9 Hawaii Committee for the Humanities undated, 1981-2000
6 10 Hawaii Heritage Center undated, 1992-1994
6 11 Hawaii Library Association 1962-1983
6 12 Hawaii Multi-Cultural Center undated, 1977-1979
6 13 Honolulu Academy of Arts 1999-2000
6 14 Hoolalulea Festival undated, 1939
6 15 Hui Pookela Alumnae Association of Mortar Board Honolulu undated, 1965-2001
6 16 National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Inc., The Philadelphia Chapter 1986-1987
6 17 Puerto Rican Athletic Association undated, 1953-1981
6 18 Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities Resource Center undated, 1977-1983
6 19 Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Genealogía 1996-2001
6 20 Taller Puertorriqueño, Inc. undated, 1987
6 21 United Puerto Rican Association of Hawaii undated, 1977-2000
6 22 Various undated, 1937-2000

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Series V: Writings (1950-2000)

Scope and Content:

The writings in this series consist of articles, presentations, notes and research materials relating to Puerto Rican/Hispanic Hawaiian history. The folder titled “General” contains information on topics such as Puerto Rican elders, Puerto Rican migration, family life and cultural traditions in Hawaii. Included is an essay titled “La Familia- Emigrating to Hawaii,” which contains Camacho Souza’s genealogy and describes her family’s migrant experience. This series also contains presentations given at the Senate Committee on Education, as well as lectures promoting genealogy and history. Another source of significant genealogical information is De Borinquen a Hawaii, nuestra historia: From Puerto Rico to Hawaii.

An important manuscript, Puerto Ricans of Hawaii: 100 Years is one of the more substantial documents in the collection which Camacho Souza hoped to publish and distribute widely.

Box Folder Title Date
7 1 Autobiography undated
7 2 Bibliography undated, 1986-2000
7 3 De Borinquen a Hawaii, nuestra historia. From Puerto Rico to Hawaii, original manuscript 1987
7 4 Ethnic Resource Center of the Pacific, Puerto Ricans in Hawaii Chapter 1974
7 5 General 1974-2001
7 6 Hispanics undated, 1987-1992
7 7 Interviews undated, 1982-1984
7 8 Migration and Boricuas Hawaianos 1988
Box Folder Title Date
8 1-4 Notes undated, 1950-1999
8 5 Notes/Timeline 1973
8 6 Presentations 1980-2000
8 7 Puerto Rican Women in Hawaii undated, 1975-1977
8 8 The Puerto Rican in Hawaii: Who is the Hawaiian Puerto Rican? 1982
8 9 Trabajo y Tristeza, Work and Sorrow undated, 1984
Box Folder Title Date
9 1 The Puerto Ricans of Hawaii- The Forgotten Immigrant undated, 1977-1979
9 2 The Puerto Ricans of Hawaii- The Forgotten Immigrant, Correspondence 1974-1978
9 3 The Puerto Ricans of Hawaii- The Forgotten Immigrant, Finances undated, 1977-1979
9 4 The Puerto Rican Heritage Society of Hawaii undated

Unpublished Manuscripts

Box Folder Title Date
9 5 Boricua Hawaiana: Los Puertorriqueños de Hawaii, Reflejos del Pasado y Espejo del Futuro. Translation by Dias, Austin 1992
9 6-7 Boricua Hawaiiana: Puerto Ricans of Hawaii Reflections of the Past and Mirror of the Future undated, 2000
9 8 Diaz Arroyo, Rodney, Manuscript undated
9 9 Production: charts, title, graphics, index, glossary undated
9 10 Puerto Ricans of Hawaii 100 Years 2000
9 11 Puerto Ricans of Hawaii, A Pictorial History, Copyrights undated, 1983-1999

Published Works

Box Folder Title Date
10 1 A Legacy of Diversity 1975
10 2 Boricua Hawaiiana: Puerto Ricans of Hawaii, Reflections of the Past and Mirror of the Future 1983
10 3 Borinquen a Hawaii nuestra historia 2000
10 4 Puerto Rican Poet on the Sugar Plantation of Hawai'i 1997
10 5 Puerto Rican Poet on the Sugar Plantation of Hawai'i, 2000 2000
10 6 Puerto Ricans of Hawaii: Immigrants and Migrants 1984

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Series VI: Photographs (1905-2001)

Scope and Content:

This rich series of photographs documents numerous aspects of Camacho Souza’s life and work. Most significant are the family photos dating as early as 1905 and the Kohala plantation images, which capture plantation culture and conditions. Events such as the Boricua Hawaiiana Exhibit and the Family History Conference are recorded as well as the activities of the Puerto Rican Heritage Society and a variety of cultural performances. In addition, there are several photos taken by the distinguished photographer Frank Espada, who participated in several exhibits and events.

Box Folder Title Date
11 1 Camacho Souza, Blase, Portraits undated 1923-2003
11 2 Camacho, Blase with Friends,1940's 1942-1945
11 3 Camacho, Blase, Graduation, University of Hawaii 1939
11 4 Camacho, Blase, New York City 1940s, 1946-1947
11 5 Friends 1939-1945


Box Folder Title Date
11 6 Camacho and Perry undated, ca.1940s, 1956
11 7 Camacho and Caravalho (Caraballo) Gathering ca.1980
11 8 Camacho and Caravalho (Caraballo) 1964-1990
11 9 Camacho, August "Gus" 1939-1958
11 10 Camacho, Bernard, Family undated, 1930s
11 11 Camacho, Daniel (WWII Service) undated, 1930s-1945
11 12 Camacho, Family undated, 1920s-1959
Box Folder Title Date
12 1 Camacho, Larry 1930s-1952
12 2 Camacho, Lawrence (Lorenzo) 1920s-1975
12 3 Camacho, Rose Marie undated, 1940s-1994
12 4 Caraballo, Benito undated
12 5 Caravalho (Caraballo) House undated, 1930s
12 6 Caravalho (Caraballo)- Robello undated, 1920s-1941
12 7 Caravalho (Caraballo), Mary (Maria Rosa) undated, 1907-1959
12 8 Caravalho (Caraballo) undated, ca.1905-1998
12 9 General undated, 1930s-1949
12 10 Negron 1930s
12 11 Pioneros undated, ca.1920, 1950
12 12 Souza and Camacho Family 1950s-1986
12 13 Unidentified Family Members undated

Organizations and Various Subjects

Box Folder Title Date
12 14 Aloha Committee, Kittelson, David 1987
12 15 Alternative Methods of Healing, Sayers, Elsie Dias 1994-1996
12 16 Baseball 1988
12 17 Bellas Artes undated
Box Folder Title Date
13 1-3 Boricua Hawaiiana Exhibit undated, 1981-1983
13 4 Canada and Boston Trip ca.1946
13 5 Catholic Church Activities ca.1940s-1944
13 6 Change and Continuity undated
13 7 Cuatro and Ukulele, Ogao, John undated, 2000
13 8-9 Cultural Traditions undated, 1975-1989
13 10 De Soto, John, Campaign Headquarters undated
Box Folder Title Date
14 1 Display at Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii 1985
14 2 Employment and Educational Institutions undated, 1940s
14 3 Espada, Frank taking photos 1985
14 4 Espada, Frank, Various 1981, 1983
14 5 Ewa Plantation 1907, 1925
14 6 Foley, Marjorie, and Friends, Christmas 1948-1949
14 7 Foley, Marjorie, Friend 1940s-1948
14 8 Forum at Kohala Olde Courthouse undated
14 9 Genealogy Exhibit 1994, 2000
14 10 Girl Reserve Camp 1933-1935
14 11 Golden Scholar Award 2000
14 12 Gutierres (Gutierrez), Family 1930s-1940s
14 13 Haleiwa Officer's Beach 1940s-1945
14 14 Haleiwa School Views ca.1940s
14 15 Hawaii Plantation Village Festival at Waipahu Cultural Park. (Contact Sheets) undated
14 16 Hawaii Scenic Views 1934-1948
14 17 Interview 1995
14 18 Kawaihoe Beach 1930-1934
14 19 Kawanankoa School Faculty 1939-1942
14 20 Ke'Alii-Vargas, Louis undated, 1992
14 21 Kohala National Guard Photos undated, ca.1940s
14 22 Kohala High and Elementary School 1931-1935
Box Folder Title Date
15 1 Kohala Plantation undated, 1920-1983
15 2 Kohala Puerto Rican Social Club 1930s, 1959
15 3 La Parranda, (Contact Sheets) undated
15 4 Los Coquís 1986-1987
15 5 Macadamia Nut Farm undated
15 6 Matson Line Journey (Trip to New York) ca.1946
15 7 Maui Puerto Rican Association undated, 1985-1991
15 8 Maui Puerto Ricans undated, ca.1979-1980
15 9 Maui, Hawaii ca.1940s
15 10 Mendez, Ramon 98th Birthday Celebration ca.1987-1988
15 11 Musicians and Dancers at Kauai Museum 1981
15 12 Oahu, Hawaii ca.1940s
15 13 Ortiz, Benino 1995
15 14 Pearl Harbor Worker's Banquet 1939
15 15 Performers undated, 1950-1998
15 16 Piñero, Jesús T. 1939, 1950
15 17 Plantation Village undated, 1992-1998
Box Folder Title Date
16 1 Plantations, Buildings and Sceneries undated, 1920s-1940s
16 2 Portraits from Hawaii State Archives undated
16 3 Pre-Wedding Activities 1948-1949
16 4 Public Presentation, Change and Continuity Puerto Rico and Hawai'i (Contact Sheets) 1992
16 5 Puerto Rican Civic Association 1939
16 6 Puerto Rican Day on the Plantation 1998
16 7 Puerto Ricans of Hawaii 100 years, undated 1900-1995
16 8 Puerto Rico Trips undated, 1984-1993
Box Folder Title Date
17 1 Retirement 1975
17 2 Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1948
17 3 Scholars undated, 1990-1999
17 4 Silva, Milton 1981
17 5 Teacher's Picnic 1940s
17 6 The First Annual Puerto Rican Convention 1989
17 7 The Plantation Crew 1988
17 8 Tijuana, Mexico 1946
17 9 Tombstones of Original Immigrants Who Arrived in 1901 undated
17 10 Trip to Hawaii Waipahu Cultural Garden Park, Resolution Presentation 1985
17 11 Un Dia de Recuerdo, Hawaii Puerto Rico Celebrations 1996-1997
17 12 Various undated, 1977-2001
17 13 Visit of "hermanas," Nine-Curt, Dr. Judith 1987
17 14 War World II ca.1940-1946

Puerto Rican Heritage Society (PRHS)

Box Folder Title Date
17 15 Espada, Frank 1983, 1985
17 16 Family Sunday 1989-1992
17 17 General undated, 1983-1999
17 18 Inauguration of New Officers (contact sheets) undated
17 19 Naranjito, Puerto Rico 1985
17 20 Pilgrimages to Puerto Rico 1975-1993
17 21 Presentation of "A Puerto Rican Poet on the Sugar Plantations of Hawaii" undated
17 22 Presentation of Plaque to Grupo de Avanzada Cultural undated, 1985
Box Folder Title Date
OS_VI 1 Congregation of Catholic Church undated
OS_VI 2 Sang, Agnes undated
OS_VI 3 First Communion 1940

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Series VII: Subject Files (1900-2000)

Scope and Content:

The documents in this series deal primarily with Puerto Rican Hawaiian culture, including language, food, and religious practices.

Box Folder Title Date
18 1 The Hawaiians, Kimura, Larry 1977
18 2 A Conference on Local Culture and National Identity in Hawaii and Puerto Rico undated, 2000
18 3 Art, Diaz, Tony undated
18 4 Caraballo, Benito undated, 1985
18 5 Carr, Norma undated, 1976-1998
18 6 Course Syllabi undated, 1978
18 7 East Bay Video Specialties undated, 1981
18 8 Ephemera undated, 1985
18 9 Ethnic Resources Workshops undated, 1962-1973
18 10 Hawaiian Culture and Language undated, 1972-1973
18 11 Hispanics in Hawaii undated, 1987-1993
18 12 Ke'Alii-Vargas, Louis undated, 1991
18 13 Marriage Records undated, 1902-1985
18 14 Martorell, Antonio undated, 2000
18 15 Milton, Silva undated
18 16 General undated
18 17 Puerto Rican Diaspora Documentary Project, Espada, Frank undated, 1980-1990
18 18 Puerto Rican Hawaiian Women undated, 1988-1998
18 19 Puerto Rican Recipes undated, 1977-1989
18 20 Religious Practices undated, 1947-1996
18 21 Resumes undated, 1978-1980
18 22 Tainos undated, 1900-1999
18 23 The Puerto Rican Family undated
18 24 The Puerto Ricans in Hawaii, Exhibition undated, 1975-1976
18 25 World War II 1992-2000
Box Folder Title Date
OS_VII 1 Change & Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawai'i, Mural, Boliolo, Eduardo 1992
OS_VII 2 Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii (Poster) 1992
OS_VII 3 Testimonio: The New Museum of Contemporary Art Poster 1994
OS_VII 4 Water Color Art, Ortiz, Benino undated, 1995

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Series VIII: Conferences and Conventions (1967-1993)

Scope and Content:

The bulk of this series documents Camacho Souza’s participation at conferences and conventions. There is a folder titled “Oral History Conference Hawaii Multi-Cultural Center” which provides insight into the lives of second generation Puerto Rican Hawaiians.

Box Folder Title Date
19 1 American Association of University Women Hawaii State Division Convention undated, 1967-1980
19 2 Conferencia de Cultura Puertorriqueña undated, 1993
19 3 National Association for Bilingual Education 1980
19 4 National Conference of the Educational Needs of the Puerto Ricans undated, 1975
19 5 National Institute of Education Conference for Hawaii undated, 1974
19 6 Oral History Conference Hawaii Multicultural Center undated, 1975-1979
19 7 State Convention of Puerto Rican Associations 1989

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Series IX: Plantation Life (1901-2001)

Scope and Content:

Much of the material in this series consists of documents gathered from the Hawaii State Archives, dealing with labor conditions on sugar plantations and provides insight on the contracting of Puerto Ricans.

The folders on Hawaii’s Plantation Village, Friends of Waipahu Cultural Garden Park, contain information on “La Casita,” also known as “The Puerto Rican House.” Included are tour scripts for re-enacting plantation life among Puerto Ricans.

Box Folder Title Date
19 8 Ethnic Studies Oral History Project undated, 1976-1983
19 9 Hawaii State Archives undated, 1901-2001
19 10 Koloa Plantation, State Archives 1902
19 11 Oral History Recorder 1988, 1992-2001
19 12 Pioneer Mill Co. undated, 1903-1987
19 13 Hawaiian Sugar Association, Plantation Archives 1985-1987

Hawaii's Plantation Village, Friends of Waipahu Cultural Garden Park

Box Folder Title Date
19 14 By-Laws undated, 1980-1995
19 15 Calendar of Events undated, 1999-2000
19 16 Correspondence 1997-2000
19 17 Finances 1996-2000
19 18 Flyers and Publicity 1990-2000
19 19 General undated, 1994-2000
Box Folder Title Date
20 1 Manual and Handbooks undated, 1994
20 2 Master Tour Script and Programs undated, 1986-2000
20 3 Meetings 1996-2000
20 4 Memberships undated, 1997-2000

Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association

Box Folder Title Date
20 5 Music/Songs undated, 1987-2000
20 6 Notes undated, 1999
20 7 Plantation Village News undated, 1981-2000
20 8 Puerto Rican Recipes undated, 1978-1993
20 9 Reports undated, 1996-2000
20 10 The Puerto Rican House: La Casita undated, 1976-2001

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Series X: Clippings (1899-2000)

Scope and Content:

This series contains newspaper articles relating to Hawaii’s diverse cultures. The folder “Language, Pidgin” provides an interesting exploration of how the mixing of cultures creates new forms of communication.

Box Folder Title Date
21 1 Citizenship and Status, 1899 1991
21 2 El Mundo undated, 1954-1984
21 3 Food Customs undated, 1955-1998
21 4 Hawaiian Culture and History undated, 1960-2000
21 5 Hispanics in Hawaii 1987-1996
21 6 Hurricanes, Puerto Rico, 1899-1998
21 7 Kohola 1943-1968
21 8 Language, Pidgin undated, 1979-2000
21 9 General 1940-1998
21 10 Plants and Herbs 1971-1998
21 11 Puerto Rican Centennial Celebration 1995-2001
21 12 Puerto Rican Golden Jubilee 1950-1976
21 13 Race and Ethnic Groups in Hawaii undated, 1900-1991
21 14-15 Migration to Hawaii undated, 1900-1979
21 16 Miss Hawaii Puerto Rican Pageant 1939-1977
Box Folder Title Date
OS_X 1 1800-1893: From Western Contact to the Overthrow of the Monarchy, Honolulu Star Bulletin 1999
OS_X 2 1893-1920: Annexation spurs boom in agriculture and immigration, Honolulu Star- Bulletin 1999
OS_X 3 1920-1941: Sunny growth, dark tensions in the Territory, Honolulu Star- Bulletin 1999
OS_X 4 1941-1946: War Comes to Hawaii, Honolulu Star -Bulletin 1999
OS_X 5 A Fondo, El Nuevo Día 1994
OS_X 6 El Otro Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Día undated
OS_X 7 Making things work behind the Opera scenes, S.F. Examiner 1981
OS_X 8 Humanities News 1981
OS_X 9 Puerto Rican Fiesta Waipahu Cultural Plantation Park 1999

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Series XI: Artifacts (1939-2000)

Scope and Content:

These consist of tee shirts on Boricua Hawaiano themes as well as other commemorative memorabilia.

Box Folder Title Date
22 1 Aloha undated
22 2 Aloha Puerto Rico, Ogao, John undated
22 3 Boricua De Hawaii 1995
22 4 Guanica P.R., ca. 1984-1993
22 5 Parranda Hawaii's Plantation Village 1992
22 6 Puerto Rican Centennial Hawai'i, 2000
22 7 Ukulele Festival 1996
22 8 Un Día Puertorriqueño en la Plantación 1998
22 1 Cultura Avanzada Button undated
22 2 Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico Coin 1993
22 3 Delta Kappa Gamma Patch undated
22 4 University of Hawaii Patch undated
Box Folder Title Date
20 11 Puerto Rican Civic Association & Friends Menu and Swatch 1939

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Series XII: Publications (1903-2000)

Scope and Content:

The publications contained in this series provide researchers with informative writings which Camacho Souza collected and used for her work and to deepen her knowledge of Hawaiian and Puerto Rican history.

Government Publications

Box Folder Title Date
23 1 Labor Conditions In The Territory Of Hawaii For The Year 1915, U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics 1916
23 2 Report of The Commissioner Of Labor on Hawaii, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 1903
23 3 Hawaiian Native Claims Settlement Act, U.S. Congress 1976
23 4 Administration In Hawaii. Committee on Territories And Insular Affairs, U.S. Congress 1933
23 5 Labor Problems In Hawaii, U.S. Congress 1921
23 6 Hawaiian Aboriginal Claims Settlement Study Commission, U.S. Congress 1975
23 7 Bulletin of The Bureau Of Labor, U.S. Dept. of Commerce And Labor 1911

Other Publications

Box Folder Title Date
23 8 A Brief Analysis of a Unique Culture, in Pennsylvania Library Association Bulletin, Garcia, Juan 1975
23 9 A Historical View of Land Tenancy in Hawaii Part 2, Kekuman, Monsignor Charles A. 1975
23 10 Aloha Puerto Rico, Avanzada Cultural, Inc. 1985
23 11 Aspectos de la Religiosidad Popular en Puerto Rico, Exposición, Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y la colaboración de la Comisión Puertorriqueña para la Celebración del V Centenario del Descubrimiento de América y Puerto Rico 1988
23 12 Bilingual Cultural Calendar, Dedicated to: The Children of Borinquen in Hawaii. Photography, Espada, Frank 1986
23 13 Community Types in Hawaii, Lind, Andrew W., in Social Process in Hawaii 1959
23 14 Ethnic Sources in Hawai'i, Social Process in Hawaii 1982
23 15 Fiestas Patronales de Guánica en Honor al Apóstol Santiago del 19 al 29 de julio de 1985, Gobierno Municipal De Guánica, PR. 1985
23 16 Hawaii's Puerto Rican: Stereotype and Reality, O'Brien, Robert W., Social Process in Hawaii 1959
23 17 Hispanic Heritage Month, Defense Equal Opportunity Management 1998
23 18 Kamehameha County. Pepeekeo, Hawaii: Friendly World Enterprises, Glatzer, Hal 1974
23 19 Many Faces of Hawaii. Honolulu: Ethnic Resource Center for the Pacific, Greevy, E. W. 1975
23 20 Population and Housing Characteristics of Honolulu's Racial Group, Social Process in Hawaii 1959
23 21 Puerto Rico Discovers its Hawaiian Colony, Organization of American Historians 1988
23 22 The Hawaiian Journal of History, Hawaiian Historical Society 1984
23 23 The Negro Soldier in Kahuku, Kubo, Judy, in Social Process in Hawaii 1945
23 24 The Portuguese and Spanish in Hawaii: Their Racial Origin and Future, Krauss, William W. 1943
23 25 MONTAGE An Ethnic History of Women in Hawaii, Foon Young, Nancy and Parrish, Judy R. 1977
Box Folder Title Date
OS_XII 1 Hawaii Hispanic News, Villa, Jose 1999

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Series XIII: Audio Tapes (1980-1993)

Scope and Content:

This series contains audio tapes from various experiences, activities and events mainly relating to her pilgrimages to Puerto Rico.

The audiotape titled Interview, Kittelson, Marion, President of the Puerto Rican Heritage Society, Alma Latina- Radio KISA, describes the experiences of the Boricua Hawaianos' first pilgrimage to Puerto Rico. It also describes the process that made the trip possible.

Item Title Fecha
1 Adjuntas with Pedro and Myrta Jimenez 1988
Item Title Fecha
2 Arecibo, Conference at Universidad de Puerto Rico 1988
Item Title Fecha
3 Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii, Hilo Hawaii, Opening and Public Presentation 1992
Item Title Fecha
4 Enroute to Arecibo 1988
Item Title Fecha
5 Gran Fiestas, Parque Muñoz Marín, Orquesta de Cuerdas, San Juan 1988
Item Title Fecha
6 Guánica, Puerto Rico, Unveiling of Plaque Ceremony 1985-1986
Item Title Fecha
7 Honolulu, Bishop Museum, Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii 1992
Item Title Fecha
8 Honolulu, First Segment, Hawaii, "Boricua Hawayanos" 1980
Item Title Fecha
9 Institute of Puerto Rico Affairs 1990
Item Title Fecha
10 Interview, Kittelson, Marion, President of the Puerto Rican Heritage Society, Alma Latina- Radio KISA, Honolulu, Hawaii 1986
Item Title Fecha
11 Jayuya 1988
Item Title Fecha
12 Jayuya, Caravanas; Campaign; Conversations, Elpidio y Milagros ca.1988
Item Title Fecha
13 Juana Diaz, Dia de los Reyes 1985
Item Title Fecha
14 Loiza, Aguadilla-El Comandante, Horse Race 1988
Item Title Fecha
15 Maui, Jerry Bentley and Blase C. Souza, Project Forum 1993
Item Title Fecha
16 Pilgrimage, Guánica, Christmas Mass, Plaza Jimenez 1985
Item Title Fecha
17 Pilgrimage, Guánica, Plaza Jiménez ca.1985
Item Title Fecha
18 Ponce, Puerto Rico, Sounds of the City and Country, Cooking Pasteles 1988
Item Title Fecha
19 Puerto Rico Pilgrimage 1985
Item Title Fecha
20 Puerto Rico, "Hijos de mi Tierra," by R. Rivera, Areyto Nacional Folklórico 1980
Item Title Fecha
21 Puerto Rico, Boricua Hawaiana Arrival at Airport undated
Item Title Fecha
22 Puerto Rico, Pablito López Cruz at Club Yuacano; Fortaleza, Juana Díaz, Aguada 1985-1986
Item Title Fecha
23 Puerto Rico, Pilgrimage 1985-1986
Item Title Fecha
24 San Germán to Comerío, Guánica, Yauco, Peñuelas, Ponce, Aibonito, Comerio 1984
Item Title Fecha
25 Side A: Change and Continuity: Puerto Rico and Hawaii, J. Bentley Speaker, Hawaii. Side B: Traditional Music 1992
Item Title Fecha
26 Sites-Washington D.C. 1980

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